Why choose Clear-Vu Auto Glass for your automotive glasswork?

  • Clear-Vu Auto Glass maintains a large stock of windshields for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models.  We also have glass for side windows, vents, rear windows, and side and rear view mirrors. We provide windshields and glass for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, buses, farm equipment and implements, semi-trucks, construction equipment and more.

  • Clear-Vu provides a lifetime warranty against leakage and all manufacturers defects for as long as you own your vehicle! If your auto glass service is not completed to your satisfaction, we will credit the cost of the repair toward a replacement.
  • Clear-Vu will communicate directly with your insurance carrier.
  • All insurances accepted.
  • Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) quality windshield glass is installed. We prefer OEM windshields because they are made at the same factories the automakers use.

Clear-Vu supports and follows the standards of the only guide for windshield replacement in the US, the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards known as AGRSS.

Windshield Replacement

  1. install

    Assessing the Damage
    About 70% of all windshield chips can be repaired using a special resin. If there is a crack larger than the size of a dollar bill, AGRSS standards require replacement. Clear-Vu uses OEM quality glass and adhesives, which are recommended by the glass manufacturer. You can count on Clear-Vu’s expert technicians as they diagnose your windshield or other glass for repair or replacement.

  2. Removing the Windshield
    Clear-Vu’s technicians use the latest windshield extraction equipment to be certain your windshield is removed properly. Extracting the damaged windshield may seem easy, but care must be taken not to damage the pinchweld (the pinchweld is the ridge around the car’s windshield which positions the windshield in its proper location). If a pinchweld is damaged the results could be leaks, rust, or corrosion.

  3. Selecting the Correct Windshield
    Aftermarket windshields are typically made from a mold of an OEM windshield and not from the windshield’s original factory mold. Obviously, this can result in the glass having different dimensions from standard OEM glass. This may result in the glass being too thin, leaking, increased road noise, and an increased potential for failure if the vehicle experienced an accident. OEM quality windshield glass fits right the first time.

  4. Applying New Adhesive
    Clear-Vu uses the same adhesives as the vehicle manufacturer. This adhesive is applied to the vehicle's pinchweld and to the edges of the brand-new OEM windshield.

  5. Installing the New Windshields
    Clear-Vu uses the installation procedures created by the AGRSS Council, and has earned AGRSS certification. One of the most important factors in proper windshield installation is the recommended drive-away time. AGRSS standards require the adhesive be allowed to set or cure for a specified period of time before the vehicle may be driven safely. If this is not followed the windshield may slip in the pinchweld and not seal properly. This could result in the windshield popping out in the event of an accident which would expose the vehicle’s occupants to a greater risk of injury. Clear-Vu requests everyone follow the drive-away time instructions.

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