Advanced Driver(s) Assistance Systems (ADAS) is becoming increasingly popular in vehicles. ADAS systems have been developed to enhance, automate, and adapt the car's systems for better and safer driving.

Every year, more vehicles are introduced with ADAS features, including computer-guided parking, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, automatic collision avoidance and many more. Basically, ADAS technology falls into two separate categories.

One category would include devices and systems that enhance the driver's overall awareness and visual capabilities. Some of these would include lane departure warning, lane keep assist, drowsiness alerts, and blind spot monitoring for example.

windshieldThe other group would include devices and systems that will take full or partial automatic control of the driving. These would include parking assist, collision mitigation braking system, and adaptive cruise control. These features are the stepping stones necessary to move toward fully driverless vehicles.

In many of our current vehicles today, the monitors and cameras that are associated with the ADAS enabled vehicle are located near the windshield. They are often mounted either outside on the hood or placed on the dashboard. Future designs show them being projected onto the windshield or placed directly within the windshield.

Opti-Aim Windshield Calibration machineHOW DOES REPAIR/REPLACEMENT EFFECT ADAS?

The question becomes, when a windshield must be repaired or replaced, what effect will that have on the ADAS?

Since replacing a windshield can require disabling the monitors and cameras, it is crucial to have automotive service professionals, with specialized ADAS training, that can not only repair or replace the windshield, but calibrate the ADAS to OEM specifications.

Clear-Vu Auto Glass now provides windshield calibration. With our state-of-the-art equipment and professionally trained service technicians you are guaranteed to have your vehicle restored to proper functionality and cameras and monitors to OEM specifications.

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